Paparazzi's Affect on Celebrities'

The Paparazzi Invade the Privacy of Celebrities

     One of the biggest issues concerning the paparazzi is that they invade the privacy of celebrities. One may argue, so what these are celebrities, they agreed to this  attention when they went into the entertainment industry. When celebrities choose the entertainment industry they have chosen their job. Their job is to entertain their audience. Why should they have to have their privacy invaded because they’ve chosen to entertain the public? Shouldn’t every human being  be allowed his or her rights of privacy? Celebrities are humans and they deserve the same rights as the rest of the human population.

    Celebrities constantly have their privacy invaded by the paparazzi. Whether they are out eating with their friends or whether they are out shopping just like the rest of the population. So when does it go to far ? In the video below Britney Spears is walking home with her dog and the paparazzi will not leave her alone. She sits outside her house and they continue to question her but all she wants is to be alone. According to Maria Puente “The Britney paparazzi alone take in $4 million annually" (Puente).It may be that Britney Spears is a member of the A-list celeb club,  but shouldn’t she be allowed to sit outside her home without having the paparazzi standing over her shoulder? The paparazzi should respect the privacy of celebrities. A law should be strengthened to prevent the paparazzi from invading the privacy of celebrities.

Celebrities Children

       Since there isn't any strict laws to protect celebrities from the paparazzi, the paparazzi think it's alright to invade the privacy of  the celebrities' children. What happens when the paparazzi becomes interested in the children of these celebrities? I see photos in magazines all the time of celebrities' children but I never once thought of how these parents felt about having the paparazzi invade the privacy of their children.In a blog that I read written by  Pink, she addresses the paparazzi, “As new parents Casey (her husband) and I decided that we would release personal photos of our Willow, and donate all of the money to charity.” She goes about blogging that the actions of the paparazzi such as “chasing us in cars,” and “sitting outside our home all day and all night,” is what brought about their decision.  All parents should be able to protect their children’s privacy. Celebrities are humans that should be able to protect their children’s privacy. As a new mother Pink questions the issues that result from being a parent. “Why are celebrities… having to seek restraining orders to keep strange grown men with still and video cameras from sitting perched outside of their children’s pre-schools… preying on little innocent kids.”

        Finally Pink blogs, “Can you imagine a world where they would blur out our middle finger to protect a “consumer’ over blurring out an innocent child to protect their integrity and privacy?" (Pink)She says this because she wants the public to understand that when they see her pull out her middle finger in a photo she is doing it to protect her daughter from being displayed without her consent. Having the paparazzi around at all times can be very hard for the celebrities as well as for their children. I deserve to have some privacy and so should Pink’s newborn, Willow. Doesn't every parent want their children to have their privacy without grown men following them? Pink wants her daughter to be able to have that kind of lifestyle. A law should be strengthened not only to protect celebrities from the abuse of the paparazzi, but should be enforced to protect the children of celebrities from the paparazzi.

The Paparazzi Show up at Vacations and During Family Time

    In the summer of 2011 my sister and I went to Chicago to visit my cousin. . It was a great opportunity for us to enjoy a whole week of spending time with our family and to enjoy the windy city. Celebrities have to endure a different kind of experience when they go on vacation. On April 5, 2006 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit along with her two adopted children went on vacation to Namibian located in the South Africa. What Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit dealt with that my sister and I didn’t have to deal with is the paparazzi. Angelina Jolie wrote to the press of Namibian asking them to allow her and her family some privacy, “We kindly ask for privacy so that we can enjoy this beautiful country with our children” (Pregnant). I couldn’t imagine having to make a statement to the press of Chicago to allow my sister and I some privacy on our vacation.  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit as well as their children are never allowed their privacy. Their privacy is constantly invaded because the paparazzi are always over their shoulder. In the video below Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit take their children to a park and the paparazzi decide to invade their privacy.